Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are required and are available evenings during the week - and all day and evenings on weekends.  We only scan pets on Saturday and Sunday.  


How long does it take to be scanned?

The actual scan takes less than one second!  The entire appointment ranges in time from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, in and out the door - depending on whether you need to change clothes in the private changing room.  


Is the Studio private?

Yes!  Whether you’re famous or just don’t want to be seen by others while posing for your StatYou™, we have a “No Paparazzi Policy” here.  Our studio is not in a shopping mall.  It is in a private professional building in a very convenient location on Route 19 in Peters Township.  The camera system is even in a separate room from the waiting area.  We wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the mall having our pictures taken either.


How do you make Wedding Cake Toppers?

The same way we make any other StatYou!  There isn’t much of a difference between a regular StatYou and a Cake Topper.  For more info read: A few Notes on Wedding Cake Toppers


Can you make a StatYou from old photographs?

No, we do not create figurines from pictures not taken by us.


How many people can be scanned at the same time?

There are no limits on the size of the party!  A group of people can be scanned - some together, some separate - and we will 3D print the entire party at scale for height.  When displayed together, everybody’s height would be in correct relation to everyone else.  For physical contact in a StatYou we can scan 1 to 4 people and/or pets simultaneously depending on the subject’s size and proximity to one another.


What material is a StatYou made of?

A StatYou is 3D printed using gypsum powder as the primary material.  This results in a fairly heavy, solid-feel figurine that to the touch, feels like unglazed porcelain or hard plaster.  Applying pressure to a StatYouwill not cause an indentation, nor is there papier-mâché or cardboard involved in the manufacturing - these are solid-feeling figures.  


Is a StatYou breakable?

Yes!  A StatYou is breakable, but not necessarily fragile if there are no small or protruding parts.  If a StatYou is dropped onto a surface material that is harder than it, the figurine will most likely break.  If enough pressure is applied to the smaller parts of a StatYou they may fracture.  A StatYouis NOT a toy or action figure.  It is meant for display - the same way a 2D picture in a frame and behind glass is meant for display.


How do I care for and clean my StatYou?

You can use a soft brush or canned compressed air to remove dust.  If you wipe the figure with a cloth, ensure that the cloth is lint-free as lint may stick to the StatYou™. Do apply water or use detergents to clean your figurine.  Avoid periods of direct sunlight - as the sunlight will fade the color, just like the sun’s rays fade colors on most materials.


How long will a StatYoulast?

Being that powder-based, full-color 3D printing is a relatively new process, long-term tests have not been conducted on the finish and durability of 3D printed figures.  However, people have been creating objects from plaster for generations and we believe that with the proper care, a StatYou will last for generations.  The finishing process uses wax emulsion to seal the figure’s surface and color, enhance durability and promote a life-life appearance.  Using a hot hair dryer on the figure may brighten the colors - just be careful to let the figure cool down before touching.


How is 3D StatYou Studio different? 

We are a 3D Family & Pet Portrait Studio - not just a 3D Figurine business.  Read about why we consider the 3D StatYou methods of 3D Scanning, Modeling and Printing to yield far superior results - in especially pets and children - than any process that uses anything other than DSLR INSTANT 3D Scanning Technology Here: The 3D StatYou Difference


Can I purchase a reprint of my StatYou?

Reprints are available for 90 days after delivery of the original StatYou.   You can also purchase a DVD containing the original 3D scan for $5.00 and use that DVD any time in the future to ensure reprint availability.


Does a StatYou come with a warranty?

We guarantee that your StatYou will be a lifelike and immediately recognizable miniature of the person or pet as they were instantly 3D scanned.  Due to the nature of color 3D printing, colors are not always precise.  Products are sold as-is and no warranties are expressed or implied.  


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