A few Notes on Wedding Cake Toppers

A StatYou Wedding Cake Topper is no different than any other StatYou of two people!


What does that mean? 

You don’t have to wear a bridal gown or tux in order for a StatYou to be used as a cake topper!  

You can wear whatever you want and we have you covered.  You can even invite your pets to be on the Cake Topper with you - and that’s no problem!


Some people want to be traditional 

Are you the type that needs your custom 3D Cake Topper to be made with you wearing exactly what you’re wearing the day of your wedding?  Same gown or tux?

We can do that. 

Whether it’s your makeup and hair day, or any other time you’re free - you can use our studio to get made up in your gown and 3D scanned without the groom seeing you.  We’ll scan the groom another day and then combine the two of you digitally onto the same Cake Topper just as if you were scanned together.  We’ll need the scans done at least three weeks before the big day.


Some people want to be different 

There are no rules saying that you cannot wear something other than your wedding day outfits for the Cake Topper.  

What were you wearing when you got engaged?  Were you at a Pen’s game?  Wear your Crosby and Murray jerseys!  Wear a nice suit and cocktail dress.  


You can wear ANYTHING and it’ll still be a StatYou Cake Topper of YOU!


Colors look fantastic on a StatYou - so wear something other than black and white!



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