The 3D StatYou Experience

All 3D Printed StatYou’s of people must originate from a 3D Scan taken at 3D StatYou Studio.  We will not take existing 2D photographs and convert them into a 3D Printed StatYou.


We have a private changing room so feel free to show up in your street clothes and change into whatever it is you’re wearing for your StatYou when you get here.


Curious about Wedding Cake Toppers of YOU?  

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The 3D Scan 

You’re having your picture taken - just like you have countless times before - except this time, there are 130 18 MegaPixel Canon DSLR cameras taking your picture simultaneously from all directions.


It’s as quick as clicking a button.


And if you don’t like the shot?  We’ll take another…and another…until everybody is happy.

3D StatYou Studio utilizes DSLR based Photogrammetric INSTANT 3D Scanning perfectly suited for children and pets…and of course adults!  Since all 130 cameras shoot simultaneously, this method of 3D scanning is superior to any of the methods that require the subject to stand still for even more than a second.  Read more in the FAQ or the 3D StatYou Studio Difference.


There are certain materials that don’t scan and/or print nicely.  Please avoid transparent materials, high gloss or reflective materials.  Avoid clothing that have extremely small, repeating print.  Avoid polished or mirrored metals and sports helmets with face guards.  


Eyeglasses have to be removed.  These are not at all friendly to the scan, modeling or print phases.  We’re working on getting glasses as an add-on accessory.  For now, our apologies to those who self-identify with their spectacles.

The Anticipation 

The rendering, modeling and printing phases will take two to three weeks to complete.  

Your figurine will be shipped directly to your address of choice - or you can choose to pick up at the Studio.  Shipping charges are included in all pricing.

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