The 3D StatYou Difference

3D StatYou Studio is a Veteran-Owned, Pittsburgh-Proud, family business dedicated to providing the most accurate 3D Scanning experience coupled with the most life-like 3D figurines and portraits available anywhere!  


We create 3D Art that you would be proud to display anywhere in your home or business.


The Most Accurate 3D Scan 

A 3D Printed Figurine of a person or pet starts with the 3D Scan.  A sub-par 3D scan will result in either a poor quality or over-modeled figurine.  The three main factors affecting the quality of any type of 3D Scan are:

Color, Movement and Texture


At 3D StatYou Studio we address all (3) of these factors by utilizing a state-of-the-art, 2.34GigaPixel DSLR Photogrammetry Array.  This system is a 360 degree array of (130) Canon 18 Megapixel Digital SLR cameras that are synchronized to within milliseconds of each other.  When the button is pressed, all (130) cameras fire simultaneously.


When you have this many high-resolution cameras taking your picture, color and texture become non-issues.  When you factor in that all (130) cameras are synchronized to fire within milliseconds, the movement issue goes away completely.


Why are so many of our 3D portrait subjects Dogs and Children?

Because movement is not a factor with Photogrammetry-based DSLR Scanners!

Movement is almost always a factor with pets and young children in any other 3D Scanning solution.


Try getting your pup or toddler to hold a pose for even three seconds in an alternative 3D Scanner…it’s tougher than it sounds.

The Most Life-Like Figurines 

3D StatYou Studio leverages the modeling and printing expertise of a pioneer and leader in the 3D Figurine industry - SOLIDIPHY


Partnering with an organization that specializes in 3D Figurines and Portraits ensures that our customers are purchasing the most life-like 3D art available.  SOLIDIPHY is not a start-up or a manufacturing company trying to increase printer utilization.  SOLIDIPHY is a company dedicated to redefining the traditional photo as a 3D Portrait - backed by decades of 2D printing resources and experience.


We Stand By Our Words 

Were you on vacation and felt pressured into buying a 3D figurine because you didn’t know you could get one from 3D StatYou Studio at home?  Or maybe at an event where 3D scans were being done for figurines?  Once you opened the box, were you less than amazed?


If you’ve purchased a 3D Figurine from any outfit that does not use DSLR-based instant scanning - anywhere in the world - and are unhappy with the results, You can Trade that Figurine in on a 3D StatYou!


Bring your old figurine in, let us know what it is that you’re unhappy with and if we can make you look better, you can trade that figurine in on a 3D StatYou!  We’ll give you 50% off on any StatYou the same size or larger as long as you let us keep your original.


We also offer a customer rewards program - with no need to sign up or install an app!

Simply refer (4) new customers to 3D StatYou Studio - and get $75 in Studio Credit!

No limit on the number of referrals, or $75 gift cards earned.  This is an open ended offer that may be canceled without notice, however your credits will not expire.

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