We can 3D Print YOUR Dog, Cat or Rabbit into a Pet StatYou

We love our dog and cat and have just as many pictures of our fuzzy friends as we do our children…so why wouldn’t we want a StatYou of our pets?  

3D StatYou Studio is making this service available to you!


You don’t have to worry about your pet needing to sit still for long.  Our Instant-Capture 3D Photogrammetry Array has been perfectly suited for capturing some of the most fidgety pets.  If your dog can sit for a treat for just a moment, we’ll get a great shot.  We have other tricks that work great for cats as well.


In-Studio Pet 3D Scans are by appointment only on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  Dogs should be leashed and cats kenneled while coming from your vehicle into the Studio.  Pets must be current on all state-required vaccinations.


Pets don’t have to be 3D Scanned and 3D Printed alone…Owners and pets can be scanned and printed together!


Call or email us today for further information!

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